Our Equipment

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Mini-Pak Oven Series

The Mini-Pak Series of vertical airflow units are a perfect fit for delis, restaurants, grocery stores, small processors, and for research and development operations.

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Max-Pak Oven Series

The vertical airflow units of the Max-Pak Series are available in electric, steam coil, or gas-heated options. Their capacity starts at 500 pounds and goes up from there to a 4,800-pound capacity unit.

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Shelf-Pak Series

The Shelf-Pak Series has unique side-to-side reversing horizontal airflow for greater uniformity at higher production. This series is designed for all products that are best processed on screens.

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Ultra-Pak Series

The Ultra-Pak Series units are available in 4 to 30-truck models. Available in vertical airflow or horizontal airflow. They can be manufactured in batch style, flow-through operation, and indexed travel.

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Control Systems

Our Control Systems Packages range from Microprocessor units to PLC control systems with downloading capabilities.

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Enviro-Pak has all the accessories and parts needed to keep your operation ahead of the competition.

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Blast Chillers

Our Blast Chillers in all sizes provide fast cool down to meet or exceed U.S.D.A. chill down requirements.

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Steam Cabinets

Steam Cabinets can be provided in all sizes equal to our oven line. Live steam cooking is available for a variety of products. These cabinets are also used for sterilizing and pasteurizing.

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Impingement Ovens

The Impingement Series is a modular designed conveyorized oven of high-temperature zones interspersed with dwell, equilibration, tempering, and searing.

A stainless steel machine with two doors and a door open.

Airflow Information

Explanation of horizontal airflow and vertical airflow.