Enviro-Pak Vertical Airflow vs Horizontal Airflow

Not all products are processed in the same manner. Some products are best processed if they are positioned vertically; some are best processed and laid out on screens in multiple layers. From our inception, we have designed and offered both vertical airflow and horizontal airflow ovens. Our oscillating airflow system in our vertical airflow ovens and our reversing airflow system in our horizontal airflow ovens provide the most uniform temperatures in all of our ovens.

Our vertical airflow ovens are great for the processor that hangs their product (bacon, sausage, bologna, etc.) in the oven. The airflow is able to circulate better and does not get blocked by items that are laid out on shelves.

Enviro-Pak's horizontal airflow ovens are the answer for the processor that needs to lay their items out on screens or shelves (like seafood, jerky, meatballs, etc.). With equal airflow above and below each shelf and equal uniformity of airflow from top to bottom, front to back, your products will be uniformly processed.

Horizontal airflow ovens allow the processor to produce a greater volume of the product without sacrificing quality.

A bunch of pipes hanging from the ceiling
Vertical Airflow
A white room with a metal door and a mirror.
Horizontal Airflow