Mini-Pak Series

The Mini-Pak Series of units range in production capacity from 150 pounds to 1,000 pounds (of a heavy, dense product) per load.

Some features of the Mini-Pak Series of ovens are:

  • All models are electrically heated
  • Vertical airflow of a constant airflow design
  • Fully welded stainless-steel interior and exterior

Design your oven with the features you want for your products:

  • Steam Cook
  • In Duct Wash/Rinse System
  • Liquid Smoke or Natural Wood Smoke
  • Cooling coils for Cold Smoking
  • High-Temperature Design Available
  • Control System Options from Microprocessor to PLC system and a Variety of Other Features and Options

The Mini-Pak Series of ovens are smaller and lower in cost than any of our other series of ovens. Small processors, butcher shops, delis, seafood markets, grocery stores, restaurants, etc., find this line to be ideal for their purpose. Larger processors also find this series of ovens to be just the right size for their research and development projects.

A large stainless steel machine with a clock on the front.
A stainless steel door with two controls on each side.