Shelf-Pak Series

The Shelf-Pak Series of ovens incorporates a unique side-to-side reversing horizontal airflow to provide greater uniformity at higher production. Capacities range from 150 to 4,000-pound loads. Designed specifically for all products that are best processed on screens, such as seafood, jerky, poultry parts, meatballs, and more.

Shelf-Pak models are highly efficient dryers; they are extremely versatile dry or wet convention ovens; they are steam cabinets; they are smoke ovens for hot and cold smoking. Their versatility reduces the need for multiple cabinets and broadens the user's capabilities.

The horizontal airflow provides equal circulation above and below each shelf, plus alternating air direction, to provide both maximum uniformity and maximum production.

As with our other product lines, you can select the features you want for your products:

  • Steam Cook
  • In Duct Wash/Rinse System
  • Liquid Smoke or Natural Wood Smoke
  • Cooling coils for Cold Smoking
  • High-Temperature Design Available
  • Control System Options from Microprocessor to PLC system and a Variety of Other Features and Options
Two large stainless steel ovens with doors open.